Date: 19th September 2000

Restorers Completely Recut Film

Using original Panavision footage, the Elvis Presley Las Vegas concert film That's the Way It Is has been entirely re-edited as part of a restoration to be exhibited at the Widescreen Film Festival in Long Beach, CA on Friday, the Los Angeles Times reported today (Tuesday).

"This is the first time a film has ever been completely re-cut like this," Rick Schmidlin, who supervised the editing, told the newspaper. "It was not the intent going in," Schmidlin continued. "The intent was to throw in some extra moments. In looking at the raw material, the original camera negative, the state of mind of the state of the art at the time, we realized we could re-cut from head to toe, fine-tune it, and make it more successful and enjoyable."

Source: Studio Briefing