Date: 15th August 2001

Angelina's New Film Gets Underway - Finally

ANGELINA JOLIE's new film BEYOND BORDERS look set to finally get off the ground now that it has a director. MARTIN CAMPBELL, who has the directing credits of GOLDENEYE (1995) and VERTICAL LIMIT (2000) under his belt, has agreed to direct the flick which has been circulating Hollywood for four years.

The film tells the story of a ten-year romance between an aid worker and a socialite as they travel across a variety of continents. OLIVER STONE had been set to direct the movie a year ago with CATHERINE ZETA JONES and KEVIN COSTNER due to star.

But the Welsh actress dropped out soon after on discovering she was pregnant, followed soon after by Costner. Stone later dropped out over creative differences. The movie then looked set to be shot for a second time when Costner returned and MEG RYAN considered taking the female lead.

But both actors left the project and were replaced by Jolie and RALPH FIENNES. Yet while Jolie has remained committed to the film, Fiennes has since dropped out, leaving the whole production in the balance. However, Campbell's involvement will breathe new life into the project, with the film scheduled to begin production in mid- December (01). (RP/WNWCPO)

Source: WENN