Date: 15th August 2001

Burton Laughs Off Ape Loving

Director TIM BURTON teased the press about a man-ape love scene in PLANET OF THE APES (2001). Speaking at last night's (14AUG) London premiere.

The BATMAN movie maker admitted the gross sub-plot of HELENA BONHAM CARTER's primate ARI getting friendly with astronaut LEO DAVISON was an idea dreamt up by him and actor MARK WAHLBERG, who played Leo.

Tim says, "There were rumours I had to cut out a load of sex scenes. Not only would Middle America not have liked that but you could be put in jail for it. Someone asked me about it and I started to describe to him, 'Oh, you mean the scene where Mark bends Helena over the table and grabs the fur on her sweating back?' and as I'm telling it, this guy's going, 'Wow. '" (ES/WNTSU)

Source: WENN



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