Date: 11th August 2001

Ben Affleck's Deadly Cocaine Bender

BEN AFFLECK was so wrecked by a marathon cocaine and booze binge, he landed up in rehab - with the help of pal CHARLIE SHEEN.

The PEARL HARBOR (2001) hunk shocked fans around the globe with his admission of alcoholism, but according to America's NATIONAL ENQUIRER the fast-living actor indulged in gambling and drug benders as well.

And, the magazine claims, reformed party animal Sheen took one look at the drunken, drugged-out Affleck and talked the Oscar- winning actor into checking into PROMISES, the same facility where he went for rehab.

A pal tells the mag, "Ben was out of his mind on booze and cocaine. Charlie Sheen saved Ben's life - no doubt about it. " (WNWCNE/NFA)

Source: WENN



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