Date: 19th September 2000

Radio/TV Pirates Planning Protest At NAB CONFAB

Supporters of "micropower broadcasting" have been organizing protests in San Francisco outside the NAB convention, set to open on Wednesday.

Claiming that "hundreds" of pirate radio and TV stations are currently operating in the U.S., Stephen Dunifer of Free Radio Berkeley, one of the demonstrations' organizers, told the San Francisco Bay Guardian: "We're going to bring maximum static to the NAB. There will be a lot of media around. We want to use them as a public forum, as a means of education, to bring out what exactly the NAB is all about, who they represent, and why people have to listen to the same stupid formats all across the country, bland radio that doesn't have anything to say for itself other than some sort of bottom line for the investors, and the fact that the NAB is essentially an enemy of free speech.

They have done everything possible to quell the free speech rights of people to speak on their own airways in this country."

Source: Studio Briefing