Date: 12th August 2001

Shannon Elizabeth Dreams Of Doing 'Serious Films'

AMERICAN PIE (1999) star SHANNON ELIZABETH is up for it when it comes to sex and on-screen nudity - but she still doesn't want to be seen as a sexbomb.

Sexy Shannon, 23, who stripped off for her role in the original American Pie, is playing a saucy policewoman in the new sex-gag fest TOMCATS (2001). Shocking men is something that comes easy to Shannon, who used to date strings of guys at the same time.

She confesses, "I've always been sexually aggressive. I've always felt that sex was one of the few really purely enjoyable activities in life. It's fun to be able to shock men by being flirtatious and trying to turn them on. "

Shannon, who found her sex scene in American Pie "beautiful and erotic without being exploitative", says she's refused many films which called for nudity - because she did want to get a bad reputation. She says, "I want to make my mark in serious films where my work will get as much attention as my appearance. " (RM/WNSSP/NFA)

Source: WENN