Date: 13th August 2001

Oscar Shock Sends Paltrow To Therapy

GWYNETH PALTROW'S emotional outburst at the 1999 ACADEMY AWARDS ceremony prompted the actress to seek psychotherapy. Gwyneth, who won best actress award for SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE (1998), say she was "overwhelmed" by the fame it earned her.

She explains, "I was flipping out. If you think about the whole world focusing on one person that much - if you pointed that much energy at an atom, it would explode. You think about one poor tiny girl just trying to make her way through. I thought I wasn't going to make it. .. I was like, 'I need help!'"

With help from the shrink, Paltrow is now a lot better. "I've learned to let go," she says. (ACW/WNTEX/NFA)

Source: WENN