Date: 26th August 2000

Farrah Fawcett Sets Her Sights On Denzel Washington

FARRAH FAWCETT has her heart set on nabbing DENZEL WASHINGTON - despite the fact he's well and truly married.

According to America's THE STAR, the former CHARLIE'S ANGEL has been enjoying dinners with the HURRICANE actor while they both shoot separate movies in Toronto.

A source says, "Farrah seems smitten with Denzel. You just have to look at her when he's around. She's laughing and giggling like a teenage girl with a crush.

Even though they're just friends. Farrah seems to like Denzel a lot. I'm sure there isn't a woman in the world who wouldn't want to spend time with Denzel, but who know why he's hanging out with Farrah."

Washington's been married for 16 years to his wife PAULETTE and insiders add there's not much chance of Farrah getting what she allegedly hopes for.


Source: WENN