Date: 13th August 2001

Catherine Upset Over 'Poor Childhood' Stories

CATHERINE ZETA JONES can handle negative press reports about herself - except those that insult her family by saying she had an impoverished childhood.

Much has been made of how the Welsh beauty married millionaire actor MICHAEL DOUGLAS and made good, but she came from a fairly wealthy background - and wants to set the record straight.

"I know it's a wonderful story to write about, the girl from Wales who made good, but that's not the way it is!" Catherine frowns. "I got really upset when I read stories that I had no shoes when I was a kid and had to go round the country begging for cake because my parents were so poor. "

"My parents have a lovely house that I was brought up in, that they worked very hard to get, and I was fed three times a day. " (AW/WNSNES/NFA)

Source: WENN