Date: 10th August 2001

Sad Hugh To Take A Break

HUGH GRANT plans to take a break from acting following the death of his mother. The NOTTING HILL (1999) star lost his mum FYNVOLA, 63, from cancer last month (JUL01).

The actor, 40, feels that putting his career on hold will give him a chance to deal with his grief. He says, "My mother was the most important woman in the world to me and I'm finding it hard to live without her. I'm not interested in pursuing any acting roles at the moment. I need to take some time out and get my head together. " He adds,

"I'm planning on spending my time writing film scripts and a novel. They may never see the light of day, but at least it gives me a break from acting and time to sort myself out. Who knows? I may decide never to return to films at all. I've got to find out what makes me happy. " (ACW/WNTST/RP)

Source: WENN