Date: 9th August 2001

Rupert Gropes Firth

Actor RUPERT EVERETT is attempting to modernise importance Of Being Earnest, The (1952) - by adding homosexual flirting.

The British buddy of MADONNA is starring alongside BRIDGET JONES'S DIARY (2001) hunk COLIN FIRTH in the film adaptation of the OSCAR WILDE play.

According to crew members, during a scene where Everett's ALGERNON MONCRIEFF shakes hands with Firth's character JACK WORTHING, the camp actor ad-libbed.

Instead of grabbing Firth's hand, cheeky Everett pulled Firth into his arms and kissed him on the cheek. Another scene which called Everett to slap Colin on the back, ended up with Everett aiming much lower and slapping the brooding star on the bottom.

Director OLIVER PARKER apparently found the scenes so funny, he's opted to keep them in the final cut of the movie which is released next summer (02). (ES/NE/IG)

Source: WENN