Date: 8th August 2001

Billy Bob Thornton's Weird - Claims Co-Star

BILLY BOB THORNTON's weird ways had cast members stumped on the set of his latest movie man who wasn't There, The (2001). Horse Whisperer, The (1998) beauty SCARLETT JOHANSSON admits she was bowled over by the strangeness of ANGELINA JOLIE's husband.

She admits, "He's a really nice guy, a really talented actor but I must admit he's a bit strange. I remember there was this one scene he shot. His character doesn't really say much except for this one scene, where he kind of gives this speech to my character. "

She continues, "It took him like two hours to shoot the scene and we're all like 'C'mon Billy Bob you can do it' and we're cooped up in this hot room saying, 'I know you haven't had to say anything but c'mon let's go'. In the end the scene turned out great so that I guess that's all that matters. " (MB/WN/ES)

Source: WENN