Date: 4th August 2001

Jennifer Aniston Trying To Have Baby

JENNIFER ANISTON admits she's busy trying to make babies with hunky husband BRAD PITT. The FRIENDS beauty says the fact her character in the hit American TV show is going to be a mother has given her and Pitt a golden opportunity.

She says, "We were like 'Well, jeez we've got it written in here'. It could come in nicely. But you know, we'll see. All in good time. "

She continues,"You start to make choices. All of our friends have kids. Your priorities change and it's about your home and enjoying the passage of time. Going to New York or Europe for five months isn't so appealing. "

"And if it works out where we have kids we'll sort of switch off and the family will go wherever we need to go, which will be a nice luxury once Friends is done. But we haven't crossed that bridge yet. " (MB/ELL/MCM)

Source: WENN