Date: 19th September 2000

Crudup Says "No" To Fame

Movie hunk BILLY CRUDUP is happy he's not involved in the glitz of Hollywood - because it would ruin his credibility.

Billy stars as the guitarist on the verge of fame in CAMERON CROWE's forthcoming rock drama ALMOST FAMOUS. Crowe originally talked to TOM CRUISE about playing the rock star and eventually cast BRAD PITT who quickly dropped out.

He says, "What disappoints me is that after my six years as a professional actor, I'm still being asked whether I feel I'm a star or whether I want to be a star. "That has never been a concern for me. I just want to be an actor. Celebrity is actually a hindrance to such a goal. I prefer to remain anonymous. The more audiences know about me, the harder I have to work to make my characters believable." Crowe adds, "Billy is every bit as talented and charismatic as Tom and Brad.

The fact he isn't as well known works for the film. Audiences buy Billy as the musician the moment they see him. "It would have taken the same audiences 15 or 20 minutes to forget the guy with the guitar was Brad or Tom." (JM/WNWCCC)

Source: WENN



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