Date: 5th August 2001

Jennifer Aniston Pleased She's So Close To Father

JENNIFER ANISTON finds it odd but nice that she's so close to her father and yet estranged from her mother NANCY. Aniston grew up with her mother after her parents divorced when she was only two.

Only a few years ago did Aniston renew contact with her soap opera dad JOHN - at the same time she fell out with her mother, when Nancy spoke to tabloids about their relationship. Aniston says,

"It's kind of ironic. My dad is just awesome and wonderful in every way. He's a human being. We all make mistakes. As an adult it's easier to see that when you're an angry teenager going, 'Why did you. .. .divorce?' You know is hard on any kid. So you kind of put everything on the table, acknowledge it and be accountable and move on. " (MB/ELL/NFA)

Source: WENN