Date: 1st August 2001

Honor Blackman Recalls Home Terror

Former goldfinger (1964) star HONOR BLACKMAN has been reliving some real-life horrors. The actress told British Magazine HOUSE BEAUTIFUL about a burgarly that occurred 14 years ago - and still haunts her.

She says, "It was a boiling hot night and I was stark naked in bed. I heard the door click and I knew it wasn't the children. Two men came in, both wearing balaclavas. One had a knife in his hand. He tied my hands behind my back and took the ring off my finger."

" When it looked like I was about to make a noise he conked me on the head. They took all my jewellery and silver, then locked me in. People go for counselling after traumas like that. But I never have. " (KMW/WNBTE/NFA)

Source: WENN



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