Date: 31st July 2001

Clooney's Well- Timed Road Trip

Hunky actor GEORGE CLOONEY took a trip through the Italian countryside just days before hell broke loose at the GENOA SUMMIT meeting.

The rugged PERFECT STORM, the (2000) actor and five pals decided to ride from Rome to Milan on their HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorbikes, and arrived unannounced at the PALACE HOTEL at Rapallo - narrowly missing the chaotic protests and rioting at the G8 summit in nearby Genoa.

A fellow holidaymaker says of the star's surprise arrival, "It was an extraordinary sight, seeing all these bikers roll up. Of course, when Clooney took off his helmet everyone recognised him. Naturally the hotel found him and his friends a room even though it was the height of the season. " (NFA/WNTMA/KW)

Source: WENN