Date: 28th July 2001

Mark Wahlberg Outraged At Winona Ryder Love Split Rumours

MARK WAHLBERG was outraged at reports he broke up MATT DAMON's relationship with WINONA RYDER - because they were all rubbish.

The sexy PLANET OF THE APES (2001) star, who was pictured dining with Ryder at the time she announced her split from Damon, says there's absolutely no truth to the claim that he was the one who caused the spit.

Wahlberg says, "The Winona rumour was really ridiculous. I did not break up her relationship with Matt Damon. I've met Matt. He's a really nice guy. Winona and I had met a few times to talk about doing a movie together. The project never materialised. That's all there ever was to that. "

And Wahlberg, who has been dating 21-year-old actress JORDANA BREWSTER for several years, says there's no danger of him falling into marriage anytime soon. He admits,

"I have some problems with commitment, or else you'd see me married with children. " (LE/WNTST/ES)

Source: WENN



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