Date: 28th July 2001

Tara Speaks Out Over Hit-And-Run

Blonde babe TARA REID has lashed out at reports that she was involved in the hit-and-run accident involving PR LIZZIE GRUBMAN.

The JOSIE AND THE PUSSYCATS (2001) star is wanted for questioning by Long Island police after it was alleged she had been partying with BRITNEY SPEARS' former publicist Grubman shortly before she backed her car into 16 people earlier this month (8JUL01).

Tara says, " I have nothing really to say. I was with her, but you know, whatever they want to know. Earlier that day, that night, I saw her, but I wasn't with her at the accident or Conscience Point or anything like that."

Reid's lawyer JUDD BERNSTEIN has set up a meeting between the actress and police next week (BEG30JUL01). He says, "She didn't see Grubman drinking all evening. If they think Tara Reid is going to provide authorities with any information about anyone drinking or doing drugs, they will be disappointed. " (ES/WNWCETO/KW)

Source: WENN