Date: 30th July 2001

Kate Winslet Buys Ghostly Holiday Home

Actress KATE WINSLET is in for a shock - locals report the holiday home she's bought is haunted. Villagers in Tintagel, Cornwall, England say the cottage in the grounds of a castle is just one of many spooky sites in the area.

Many historians believe Tintagel castle is the spot where Camelot was and proves the existence of KING ARTHUR. JOHN MAPPIN, owner of the Camelot Castle hotel, says,

"Only last week two American guests bolted in a hurry because they saw ghosts in the bedroom. My staff had to console them. They were still in tears at breakfast. "

A local shopkeeper adds, "This is a fantastic place steeped in legends and tales of King Arthur, MERLIN and his Round Table knights. I'm sure Kate Winslet and her family will love the atmosphere. " (NFA/WNWCAN/ES)

Source: WENN