Date: 27th July 2001

Jackman Mortified When Halle Peeled Off

Hollywood star HUGH JACKMAN was hysterical when co-star HALLE BERRY peeled off in front of him in their new movie SWORDFISH (2001). The Australian heart throb only coped with her nudity by laughing his way through the embarrassing nude scenes.

He says,"Halle's an incredible-looking woman. And when we had to do the scene where she's topless I didn't know where to look. I had to focus solely on her eyes. I managed to get through the scene without stuttering or whooping.

But another scene, where I'm talking to her as she stands there in just her bra and panties, that was even more difficult. I just started laughing. Trying to remember your lines in a situation like that is really difficult. "

Source: WENN



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