Date: 19th September 2000

Cops Trace Paula Yates's Last Steps

Police are probing the last hours of PAULA YATES's life in a bid to find the person who supplied her with the heroin that killed her.

They want to interview a young woman who was with Paula, 41, just before she dies from a drink and drug overdose on Sunday (18SEPT00). The woman, in her mid-20s, is said to be a notorious drug user. And friends of Paula believe she could have supplied the fatal heroin.

Paula's closest friend BELINDA BREWIN told police she rowed with the television presenter about the presence of the mystery young woman, who was described as a bad influence. A friend says, "The girl was the bane of Paula's life. All Paula's friends told her she was bad news, but she was too kind to see it."

Another blonde woman was in her mid-20s was also seen three times buying vodka at an off-licence with Paula on Saturday (17SEPT00), near her home in Notting Hill, West London.

A police source says, "We are speaking to several of Paula's associates to build up an accurate picture of the last few hours in her life. "Clearly, we'd like to know of anyone who gave her heroin."


Source: WENN



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