Date: 25th July 2001

Tim Burton: Last Minute Tinkering Nothing New

Director TIM BURTON claims reporters have over-reacted about his last-minute fiddling with PLANET OF THE APES (2001) - because all good films are worked on until the last second.

The big-budget remake of the classic 1960 sci-fi film, which stars MARK WAHLBERG and HELENA BONHAM CARTER, had the media panicked after reports of BATMAN helmer Burton's frantic alterations ahead of Friday's (27JUL01) release date.

But the director fumes, "I mean, how is this news? What person who's working on a film isn't, like, going crazy or working on it right to the end? Those last two weeks you're wanting to kill yourself. They have to grab the film can from your clenched fist. What would be a lot more interesting would be if you found a filmmaker who says, 'Great, I finished my movie and handed it to the studio two weeks before release. I'm going on vacation now. '" (NFA/WNWC)

Source: WENN