Date: 24th July 2001

The Night Madonna Seduced Gwyneth

MADONNA seduced galpal GWYNETH PALTROW during a steamy girl-girl dance - while the singer's then fiance GUY RITCHIE watched the lesbian display, according to America's STAR magazine.

The shocking revelations are enclosed in author J. RANDY TARRABORELLI's astounding biography MADONNA: AN INTIMATE PORTRAIT. The kinky coupling came at a 1999 New Year's Eve party in Miami, when Madonna leaped up on a table and began gyrating wildly to the music.

The scribe explains, "'C'mon up here,' she beckoned to Gwyneth with a teasing smile. Gwyneth leaped onto the table. Madonna and Gwyneth locked eyes and began dancing, both seeming in a seductive trance, their movements unabashedly voluptuous. With their hands arched over their heads, they teased and beckoned each other.

Madonna circled her like a predator. .. then pounced. She grabbed Gwyneth and pushed her backward, so that her spine was arched. She kissed Gwyneth full on the mouth, letting herself go. Gwyneth continued moving her body to the music as she returned the kiss."

Source: WENN