Date: 21st July 2001

Planet Of The Apes Behind Schedule

Anticipated summer blockbuster PLANET of the APES (2001) is slipping into further problems before its 27 July (01) release - it's now close to four days behind schedule.

The MARK WAHLBERG and HELENA BONHAM CARTER remake of the classic sci-fi film is running so late in post-production that a Tuesday (17JUL01) screening for theatre owners had to be postponed at the last minute to yesterday (19JUL01).

This is very close to the legal limit, as some states have laws forcing studios to show films to exhibitors at least one week before opening. Movie studio 20TH CENTURY FOX insists the movie will be ready by opening day and that the last-minute rush won't show on screen.

Spokesperson FLO GRACE explains, "We always were going to be down to the wire on this movie. " Hold-ups include last-minute re-shoots, re-recording dialogue and special effects. Effects supervisors have found themselves working around the clock.

A Fox staffer described her mood as "delirious" as employees scrambled to change screening schedules late into the night Wednesday (18JUL01).

The movie was originally intended to wrap in late July (01) for an autumn debut, but Fox decided to move it up for a summer (01) release. (RGS/U/KMW)

Source: WENN