Date: 21st July 2001

Harry Potter Influences Baby Names

Kids aren't the only ones inspired by boy wizard HARRY POTTER - parents across Britain have made HARRY the most popular name given to new born boys.

The hype surrounding the books and forthcoming movie, HARRY POTTER AND THE SORCERER'S STONE (2001), has seen the name Harry jump from number six in the popular names charts, to number one in Britain.

The statistics are compiled by the GENERAL REGISTERS OFFICE (GRO) every January. While this year's (01) figures haven't yet been published, independent surveys estimate that so far, over 5,000 baby boys have been named Harry, which means the name is currently in pole position in the race for Britain's favourite name.

COLIN MIDSON, spokesman for BLOOMSBURY, who publish the Potter books, says, "It's a testimony to the fact that Harry Potter has become a such a huge phenomenon that people are making these sorts of connections. And given that he's a bright, curious and adventurous kid, it would seem that Harry is a pretty good role model. "(JM/WN/KMW)

Source: WENN