Date: 21st July 2001

Crowe Rocks With Former Lover

OSCAR-winning actor RUSSELL CROWE is hoping to rekindle romance with first love DANIELLE SPENCER when he tours with his band - by getting her to come along for the ride.

Crowe, who fronts rock group 30 ODD FOOT, has asked Australian Danielle to perform a solo singing spot for the first hour of every show. The former HOME AND AWAY soap actress dated the actor for five years in the early 90s and is said to be the Hollywood heart throb's first true love.

Danielle ended the relationship just before Crowe hit the big- time and now has a long-term boyfriend. But Crowe, who recently ended his affair with actress MEG RYAN, is notorious for getting his leading lady.

A friend close to Crowe says, "It's no secret that Russell and Danielle are still on very good terms, but she broke his heart when she left him and he is not one to take no for an answer." (KMW/WNTEX/KW)

Source: WENN