Date: 22nd July 2001

Clooney Goes To War Fpr Strippers

Hollywood heart-throb GEORGE CLOONEY is preparing to do battle with the Mayor of New York - over a strip club. 40-year-old Clooney, who calls the Big Apple home, is campaigning to save Manhattan's notorious SCORES club.

Hard-line mayor RUDOLPH GIULIANI has other ideas - he wants the place shut down. One of the strippers, JESSICA, says, "George has come to our rescue. He's really come through for me and the other girls and we'll never forget what he's done for us. "

The minute George heard that the city was starting to pick on us he sprung into action! "All the girls agree - George is our hero. " Giuliani has already driven 90 per cent of New York's sex establishment out of business since becoming mayor in 1994.

Scores has been one of the lucky ones, but not for long if the mayor has anything to do with it. Giuliani was infuriated when Scores hit the headlines recently after GLADIATOR (2000) star RUSSELL CROWE was seen licking cream off a girl's breasts.

Ex-ER hunk Clooney is now paying for lawyers to represent the girls. A friend of the actor says, "He thinks the club is harmless and can't understand why the city wants to shut it down. " (ACW/WNSSP/RP)

Source: WENN



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