Date: 23rd July 2001

Fat Fury Over Julia Roberts

JULIA ROBERTS has upset fat people with her role as an oversized frump in her new movie AMERICA's SWEETHEARTS (2001).

The slender OSCAR-winner wears a 60lb (27kg) body suit in the comedy, which co-stars CATHERINE ZETA JONES and BILLY CRYSTAL - and she's upset support groups for overweight and obese people who insists she's just poking fun at fat people.

Roberts has joked in interviews about what it was like to be fat. But eating expert DR LISA BERZINS of Hartford, Connecticut, isn't laughing. Berzins says,

"It's not funny. The sad thing is people pay more attention to a person dressed in a fat suit than a fat person. " (LE/WNTSU/KW)

Source: WENN