Date: 23rd July 2001

Mark Wahlberg Contemplated Giving Up Hollywood

MARK WAHLBERG almost gave up his Hollywood career last year (00) because he was so devastated by the death of a close friend.

The unidentified pal died suddenly after being in a serious car accident - Wahlberg was in Paris, France when he heard the news. He says,

"For the past eight or nine months, I had been working every day. Everyday I'd go to work and think 'This is who I have to feel today. ' I was always in control of my feelings and dictating who I felt the entire time. When I got the news that he'd passed away, I lost it. I didn't want to make movies anymore. I didn't want to act I wanted to leave Paris and I wanted to go home. "

He continues, "Life is too short. I'm not really in touch with reality anymore. It was very hard to deal with. " (MB/LAT/ES)

Source: WENN