Date: 20th July 2001

Tobey Fights The Critics

Actor TOBEY MAGUIRE believes he was perfect to play SPIDER-MAN (2002) - because the superhero is so down to earth.

Many comic books fans were shocked to hear the WONDER BOYS (2000) star was snapped up to play the webbed crime-fighter and alter-ego PETER PARKER, but Tobey is up for the challenge. He says,

"I know there's all this talk about my charisma deficit and I have to admit I'm not an in-your-face actor. It's not my nature to be flashy or extroverted and that's why Spiderman is a great challenge for me to play."

Tobey believes the hero isn't so different from himself, because the pair are both easygoing. He explains,

"Peter Parker is not a typical action hero. He's probably the most down-to-earth if all the comic book figures. For me, it's a role I knew I could pull off without disappointing people. " (ES/WNTRE/RP)

Source: WENN