Date: 20th July 2001

Kirsten: Mary Jane Was Torture

SPIDER-MAN (2002) star KIRSTEN DUNST insists she was put through more pain than her co-star TOBEY MAGUIRE - even though he played the superhero.

The stunning blonde, who dyed the front of her hair red for the role of MARY JANE, went through more physical pain than the hunky actor did. She says,

"I was doing more stunts than he was. I was hanging from wires and being dropped. You see my face, so you can't hide me. He had a mask, but I was out in the open screaming to myself, wondering what they were going to put on this blank blue screen. "

The GET OVER IT (2001) star is keen to dispel any expectations that the film will be a macho man movie. She explains,

"It's a very humanistic Spiderman. I think people will relate to him a lot. You really feel for him. In a lot of superhero movies, you don't care about the superhero. This one is different." (ES/WNTRE/RP)

Source: WENN



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