Date: 19th July 2001

Jonny Lee Miller Skipped Tomb Raider Role

JONNY LEE MILLER turned down a supporting role in the cyberflick TOMB RAIDER (2001). The DRACULA 2001 (2000) actor, who shot to fame with his junkie-character Sick-Boy in TRAINSPOTTING (1996), reveals his ex-wife ANGELINA JOLIE offered him a small part in her latest flick.

"I saw Angelina a lot when she was in England shooting Tomb Raider. Of course we met the very first week her shoots started. Angie asked director SIMON WEST if I could have a part in the movie, but unfortunately I was too busy.

He couldn't say which part he was in the running for, but rumours have it that the DRACULA 2001 (2000)-star was tipped for the role of LARA CROFT's computer friend BRYCE, a character which is now played by NOAH TAYLOR. (ED/WENN/KMW)

Source: WENN



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