Date: 17th July 2001

Charlize's Pants Problem

Hollywood stunner CHARLIZE THERON had to do a sex scene 60 times in the nude before she got it right. The actress admits she was slightly embarrassed when she had to strip off for a risque scene with KEANU REEVES in film SWEET NOVEMBER (2001). She says,

"He was very sweet to me as it was early on and we had this big love scene. Keanu takes my trousers and panties off and I'm naked except for a little patch on my crotch and we were supposed to start making love. But Keanu's got everything. So it was like this big situation of, how are we going to get his pants off? So I am trying to pull his trousers off with my toe, but it's not even graceful. And finally I got the pants off at take 60 and everybody was shouting and clapping. " (RP/WNTSP/ES)

Source: WENN