Date: 15th July 2001

Sly Helps Tragic Pool Boy's Family

SYLVESTER STALLONE has flown the family of the four-year-old boy who died in the pool of veteran rocker TOMMY LEE to the Bahamas to help ease their pain.

The actor, a close pal of DANIEL KARVEN VERES' family, comforted the boy's crushed parents by taking them for long walks along the beach. A friend of the actor says,

"They spent endless hours on the beach walking, talking, crying and remembering Daniel."

Daniel was found at the bottom of the pool at the birthday party of Tommy Lee and PAMELA ANDERSON's son. The friend adds, "A change of scene and the sound of all the children playing at the beach was a good tonic for everyone. " (SC/WNSMI/KMW)

Source: WENN