Date: 15th July 2001

Tom cruise Adapts To New Wild Lifestyle

Hollywood hunk TOM CRUISE has reignited his love with off-road motorcycle racing, following his split with NICOLE KIDMAN who was always against it. According to friends of the actor, flame-haired Kidman banned her husband from continuing his favourite pastime, for fear he'd incur a serious injury.

A pal says, "He loved doing that, but Nicole forced him to give it up. She'd tell him that as a family man, he needed to be more responsible. "

Cruise has also been flying planes and taking part in other daredevil stunts, which, according to friends, has infuriated Kidman, who flew off to Australia with the couple's two adopted children, ISABELLA, eight, and CONOR, six, just a day before Cruise's 39th birthday celebration on 6 July (01).

A source says, "Nicole is fed up with what she calls Tom's immature behaviour. She says that throughout their 10-year marriage, Tom behaved like a kid, and she was the mature one. So she left for a long vacation with her parents in Australia. "

But friends say Cruise doesn't care what Kidman thinks, with the source adding, "Now he's living the way he wants to, a freer life and a much more reckless one. " (RGS/TS/KMW)

Source: WENN