Date: 16th July 2001

Murphy Used In Prison Break-Out

EDDIE MURPHY has been linked with a prison break-out after a cheeky convict used the actor's picture to walk out of prison. KEVIN JEROME PULLUM fooled dopey guards at Los Angeles TWIN TOWERS jail by making a fake identification card using a picture clipped out of a movie advertisement for Murphy's new film DR DOLITTLE 2 (2001).

He then donned glasses to look like Murphy's character and walked out of jail. His escape was captured on videotape as he calmly took an elevator and walked from Twin Towers on 6 July (01).

Pullum is the 13th inmate to escape from Los Angeles corrective institutes in the past five years. Los Angeles sheriff LEE BACA and his staff launched a manhunt for Pullum last week (beg09JUL01) but the convict is still a free man.

Pullum, who is scheduled to represent himself in court on Thursday (19JUL01), faces a life sentence for robbery on America's three strikes rule after two previous convictions. (KL/LAT/ES)

Source: WENN