Date: 16th July 2001

Downey Jnr To Plead No Contest To Drug Charges

LATEST: Actor ROBERT DOWNEY JNR. will plead no contest today (16JUL01) to drug charges in a plea bargain that will allow him to continue live-in drug treatment, rather than face jail time, his lawyer has confirmed.

The former ALLY McBEAL star, 36, will appear in court in Indio, California, on charges related to his 25 November (00) arrest in Palm Springs for cocaine use. Prosecutors and Downey's lawyers struck a deal last month (JUN01) under which the actor is expected to be sentenced to at least a year in the live-in drug treatment program and three years probation.

Downey will plead no contest to a felony count for cocaine possession and a misdemeanour count for being under the influence of the drug, his lawyers have said. Downey has been in a residential drug rehabilitation program since a second arrest, an April (01) incident in the Los Angeles suburb of Culver City.

Police arrested Downey in a back alley for suspected drug use and his urine later tested positive for cocaine, but prosecutors decided not to bring charges. (HB/WNWCRE/PDD)

Source: WENN