Date: 13th July 2001

Clooney Fullfills Girl's Fantasy

GEORGE CLOONEY has answered a young Italian's girl's dreams - by riding into her home on a HARLEY DAVISON motorbike. PERFECT STORM, The (2000) actor and some pals have been on holiday in Italy this week (BEG09JUL01), roaring round the countryside on bikes loaned to them by the motorcycle company.

But the wild riders' fun was threatened when Clooney's vehicle broke down. Unable to fix it immediately, the group reportedly sought refuge at the home of a man who, though he had no idea of Clooney's identity, invited them in for a drink and a meal. While the grateful vacationers dined, the host's more clued-up daughter came home and immediately recognized the hunky actor.

In fact, she became hysterical at the sight of Clooney and repeatedly cried that GOD has answered her prayers by delivering her idol. Unfortunately, her dream must be short-lived. Clooney is due to return to Los Angeles, America, next week (BEG16JUL01). (KW/WNWCDN/ES)

Source: WENN