Date: 13th July 2001

Julia's Fidelity Problems

Actor BENJAMIN BRATT dumped JULIA ROBERTS because she found it impossible to stay faithful, according to America's NATIONAL ENQUIRER.

The popular tabloid accuses the PRETTY WOMAN (1990) of having had a roving eye, despite being "happy 24 hours a day" with her boyfriend of four years. The MISS CONGENIALITY (2000) star was angered by Julia's romantic liaisons with ex-boyfriends, crew members and her OCEAN'S 11 (2001) co-star GEORGE CLOONEY.

According to a friend, Benjamin ditched Julia after screaming, "You can never be faithful to one man. I can't take it anymore, it's over. " The friend explains, "Ben told Julia their romance was over because he felt he'd never really be able to trust her."

A source close to the American Sweetheart was not surprised the couple split, saying, "Julia's problem with men is always the same. She can't be faithful to one guy. She can't resist having affairs. Things would be great with Julia, then Ben would hear about a reunion with her ex-boyfriend like JASON PATRIC. Ben hit the roof when amorous pictures of Julia and ex-boyfriend ROSS PARTRIDGE appeared. "

It wasn't just her co-stars Julia is said to have fallen for. According to crew members, Julia had a fling with MEXICAN, The (2001) cameraman DANY MODER last year (00). (ES/NE/KW)

Source: WENN



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