Date: 12th July 2001

First Harry Potter Review Hits The Internet

The first review of the forthcoming Harry Potter film has been posted on the internet. The review is of a work-in-progress version of HARRY POTTER AND THE PHILOSOPHER'S STONE.

It has been posted on www. aint-it-cool- news. com. The reviewer, who calls himself THE WALKABOUTER, says,

"From what I've seen, I feel confident DANIEL RADCLIFFE will become synonymous with Harry Potter, just like CHRISTOPHER REEVE was with SUPERMAN (1978), HARRISON FORD with INDIANA JONES , or, more recently, HUGH JACKMAN was with WOLVERINE. To see any of the stills, Radcliffe certainly looks like Harry Potter come to life. But he also feels like Potter."

"As for the supporting players, RUPERT GRINT is wonderful as RON, EMMA WATSON is funny as the uber-prissy but good-hearted HERMIONE."

Source: WENN