Date: 11th July 2001

Kidman Still Hoping To Meet Right Man

Actress NICOLE KIDMAN feels "much stronger" now she has adjusted to being single after the turbulent end of her marriage to actor TOM CRUISE and hopes the right man is still out there waiting for her.

The tall redhead split from the mission Impossible (1996) star earlier this year (FEB01). She says, "I haven't given up hope that somewhere out there somebody is waiting for me and I can fall in love again. I am still very romantic. And I am sure that it is more beautiful to love properly and lose everything than never to know what love is. "

She reveals her ambition. "My biggest wish would be to move to Sydney with the children - to see them grow up there, where I spent my own childhood. I love that city, the zest for life and the openness of us Aussies. " (PDD/WNWR)

Source: WENN



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