Date: 6th July 2001

Anne Robinson's The Squawk Of Hollywood

QUEEN OF MEAN ANNE ROBINSON is becoming the squawk of Hollywood - she's being parodied by a parrot in SCARY MOVIE II (2001).

The flick - a gross-out horror spoof - is expected to be a huge success in America - it was released this week (ends06JUL01).

Robinson - known to Americans as THE BRITISH BITCH - is portrayed in the movie by a crude talking parrot uttering the immortal words, "You are the weakest link, goodbye".

One of the film's stars, MARLON WAYANS, can't get enough of the hatchet-faced Brit, explaining, "I like her. The Weakest Link is such a popular thing now in the United States, so we decided to do it."

"Plus, she has a really nice ass. I don't know if you guys see
it, but if you raise the cloak, 'KA-POW!"
BBC movie critic TOM BROOK believes Robinson should be flattered by the send-up, saying, "Although the film is quite coarse about her, it really is flattery for her to be included, and it does show how much she's become a part of American pop culture.So she should be pleased she's in there with all this rudeness and crudeness."

Last year (00), the original SCARY MOVIE (2000) confounded critics everywhere by grossing over $100 million (77 million).

Source: WENN