Date: 6th July 2001

Hitchhiker To Hit Movie Screens

The death of late author DOUGLAS ADAMS looks set to finally bring THE HITCH HIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY to movie screens.

Film bosses at Disney are eager to bring the legendary sci-fi
trilogy to cinemas as a tribute to the popular British author. Adams had always dreamed of seeing his best-selling books made into a major Hollywood movie.

Before his death, Adams's last project was completing a script
for Hitchikers Guide at his Californian home in Santa Barbara. Until now the movie has languished in pre-production after Disney bought the rights to the novels.

But close friends of Adams are hoping his death will spur movie
bosses into action. LIZZIE KREMER, of Adams's London-based literary agent ED VICTOR, says, "The movie has been in development hell. Douglas was always very enthusiastic about the Hitchiker film and it's a real shame it was never made in his life time."

"We are hopeful that it will still happen. Certainly, the script for the film was his last major project before his death." Acclaimed director JAY ROACH, of Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery (1997) fame, was set to direct the film and A-list actors BRUCE WILLIS and JIM CARREY had been mooted to star. (NB&JM/WN)

Source: WENN



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