Date: 5th July 2001

Schwimmer Moved To Tears By Uprising

DAVID SCHWIMMER suffered nightmares while filming new WORLD WAR II movie UPRISING because of the grim images to which he was subjected.

The FRIENDS actor and his co-stars, DONALD SUTHERLAND, JON VOIGHT and SADIE FROST, were all effected by the dark story of the film, which centres around a Jewish uprising in the Warsaw Ghetto.

And actor ANDY NYMAN, who plays Jewish defector CALEL in the movie, says, "Meeting some of the people who actually lived through the atrocities we had to recreate was very moving."

"David actually had nightmares about some of the grim footage we had to sit through to prepare for the movie. When we met some of the eighty-year-olds that had been a part of it, he was close to breaking up - we all were."

To lighten the atmosphere between takes, part-time magician Nyman and Schwimmer spent their time playing table tennis. Nyman says, "He brought a ping-pong table with him and he's extremely good. I lost every time." (JM/WN/KW)

Source: WENN



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