Date: 5th July 2001

Frost Thrilled With Lingerie Sideline

Movie star SADIE FROST is so obsessed with her lingerie line side project that she takes her designs and equipment with her

While some stars sow and knit between takes, British actress
Frost likes to conjure up new designs, and has all her cutting and drawing equipment sent to hotel rooms so she can work between scenes.

She says, "Right now I'm in Bratislava shooting a movie - I'm
filming sewer scenes, and I'm up to my neck in spinach and wate all day. It's nice to come back to my room at night and work on designs."

"It's a therapeutic way of getting your head out of the film
world, which can be boring and self-obsessive."
Frost admits she's keen to make sure the FROSTFRENCH line she
created with pal JEMIMA FROST moves on from just being seen as "smelly knickers."

She adds, "It all began with scented underwear as a gimmick, but things have gone way beyond that - we're now on our third collection." (KL/JN/KW)

Source: WENN