Date: 5th July 2001

Berkley's All Wet

SHOWGIRLS (1995) star ELIZABETH BERKLEY was shocked when she passed her hero WOODY ALLEN's screen test - because she looked like a drowned rat.

The actress is one of the ensemble cast of Allen's new film,
CURSE OF THE JADE SCORPION, THE (2001), but she thought the elements had wrecked her chances of working with the movie mogul.

She explains, "On the way there, I was caught in a rainstorm.
It was a six-block walk from my apartment to the meeting and I
had done my hair perfectly - a 1940s look because I knew the
period of the movie. I just got drenched - you could ring my hair out, it was so wet. I was just dying, I thought I could get under one of those dryers in the bathroom, the ones that are usually so annoying, but at this point could have been my saviour."

"But, no, it was an old New York building and it didn't have
those. So I just figured this is who I am. It broke the ice and
we just kind of had a good laugh about it and luckily he got to
see the real me, as natural as you get."

Source: WENN