Date: 17th September 2000

Gwyneth's Over-Exposure

GWYNETH PALTROW has revealed the real-reason behind her decision to quit playing Shakespearean roles.

The former fiancee BRAD PITT says she intentionally stopped making films because she didn't want to get over-exposed. Since SHAKESPEARE IN LOVE, Gwyneth has released just one film - THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY.

The actress says her Oscar win for 1998's Shakespeare In Love - not to mention her tearful acceptance speech - turned her life into a nightmare and that made her decide to disappear. She says, "Right after the Oscars I felt like nobody in the world could open up anything without seeing me and I felt so bad."

But she admits she wasn't put off seeking fame, "I suppose, they are definitely dreams I had starting out, but I'm glad I fulfilled them because now I see that they are sort of empty and that it's best to pursue contentedness and spiritual growth."

Meanwhile, Gwyneth is making up for her lack of movie this week with new film DUETS, followed by a host of other movie titles later this year (00).


Source: WENN



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