Date: 3rd July 2001

Zeta Jones Offered Welsh Album Deal

CATHERINE ZETA JONES has been offered a second chance to win stardom in the music world - top Welsh record company SAIN are desperate to sign her up.

Music bosses from the Caernarfon-based firm have offered her a lucrative deal to get into the studio - and if the TRAFFIC (2000) actress accepts, it'll be her second attempt to break the pop world.

The stunning 31-year-old, who originates from Wales, first tried to make a name for herself in the music biz soon after leaving British TV series THE DARLING BUDS OF MAY in the early 1990s.

But Catherine's 1992 debut single FOR ALL TIME reached a disappointing number 36 in the British charts, and, despite teaming up with popular crooner DAVID ESSEX for her second single, that stalled at 38.

However, after breaking into an impromptu version of HEY BIG SPENDER on last week's (26JUN01) LATE SHOW with DAVID LETTERMAN, she has another chance.

SAIN spokeswoman ELOIN EVANS explains, "We'd love to have Catherine record an album for us. She has a great voice and her image is fantastic. The main question is money. I'm sure she'll be big bucks but you never know. I know she's very proud of her Welsh roots and that could work in our favour. Ideally she'd record for us in Welsh, but with a name as big as hers, we'd be happy whatever language she sung in. " (JM/WN/KW)

Source: WENN