Date: 1st July 2001

Jennifer's Beau Is Easily Hurt

Friends of JENNIFER LOPEZ's boyfriend CRIS JUDD are hoping the singing diva doesn't break his heart - because he's very easily hurt.

Judd's college friends WILLIAM MILSTEN and STEVE LOPEZ knew the dancer when he was a teenager and were stunned to discover he was dating the sexy MY LOVE DON'T COST A THING singer.

William, 34, who went to Okaloosa-Walton Community College with Cris when they were just 18, knew as soon as he met him how sensitive he was. He remembers, "He had a long term girlfriend right before I became friends with him and he was still sort of heartbroken about her. So the whole time I knew him, he didn't even have another girlfriend, he was just dating, getting over HILDA, he seemed too upset about that. He was always one of those guys that got crushes on girls and would get real heartbroken. Real sensitive, sweet, down to earth. "

And Lopez admits he's worried Judd may end up getting hurt. He adds, "He definitely, when he puts his mind to something, opens himself up to get hurt easily. He jumps into relationships with both feet. He's very sensitive. " (SVD/WN/RP)

Source: WENN